About QuranYusufAli.com

This website reproduces the Original English Translation of the Holy Quran by ‘Abdullāh Yūsuf ‘Alī (with Arabic Text) that was written between 1934 – 1937 and published thereafter – a copyright awarded to Khalil Al-Rawaf in 1946.

The project of publishing this copy online at — quranyusufali.com —  was initiated on August 11, 2018 to make this rare, yet world renowned translation of the Quran available to anyone with access to an Internet connection – absolutely free of charge.

The online copy is proofread from a copy of the ‘Deedat Quran’ published in print by the Islamic Propagation Centre International and most popularly promoted by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat during his time as an International Comparative Religion daaee in the 80s and 90s.