How do I begin reading and studying the Quran?

To make your task easy, there are 3 ways of reading and studying the Holy Book*.

1. Index reading^
Read the complete index and get acquainted with the many topics in the Holy Quran.

2. Conventional reading±
Read everyday one section of the Holy Quran in Arabic (that is if you are able to do so) then read the translation, with the commentary – Don’t worry about ‘Finishing the Book’.

3. Random reading
Every morning before leaving home, open the Holy Book at random, and read the translation appearing on the page ‘opened’. That will be Allah’s Message for you for the day.

* The content of this page (apart from these footnotes), is taken from the front-matter of The Holy Qur’an Translation and Commentary by A. Yusuf Ali, published by the Islamic Propagation Centre International.
^ Some Quran translations, specially the one published and marketed by the Islamic Propagation Centre International contain a comprehensive Index at the end of the Quran. This is handy in reading the Quran by topic. We do not have this Index published on our site at this time.
± Surahs are sub-divided into ‘Sections’ on this website too, you may bookmark a Surah for daily reading and note down the Section number to continue reading on a daily basis. You can bookmark the Surah page in your Web browser for easy referencing or even set it as the default page of your web browser.